Huntersville Town Board Questionnaire – Charles Guignard

I emailed the following questionnaire to every town board candidate in Huntersville a month ago in an effort to provide voters with more insight into each candidacy. [I received failed delivery messages from the email addresses listed for two candidates at the Mecklenburg BOE site – William Haigler and Jonathan Hudson.] There was no word limit for responses. Thanks to Commissioner Charles Guignard for responding – even if slightly past the deadline.

Election day is Tuesday, November 7. If you need more information about local elections, you can visit the Mecklenburg Board of Elections website here.


A specific agenda item you want to work on if elected: To continue to work with the state legislatures to help make Huntersville be on equal footing with Charlotte/Mecklenburg County with regards hotel/motel tax, prepared food tax, schools ABC monies and many other issues because we are severely lacking and not being treated appropriately in those areas currently.

[For incumbents] Any vote over the last two years you would change and why – or, if none, any item you would have accomplished and why: If I were King for a day I would take Flouride out of regions water because it is a known toxic waste and we only can begin to know what harm it is causing our society.

What is the proper role of town government and do you think there is any limit to what town government can use taxpayer dollars for: The town should continue to provide everything from appropriate, realistic police and fire protection to efficient waste pickup as well as the planning and infrastructure services the town currently provides. So there is and always should be a limit with some being perceived and some being real as well as those dictated by Mother Charlotte.

Should town government select winners and losers in business by providing tax incentives to certain companies over others: As a small business owner of over 40 years, I have always struggled with subsidies especially those the previous administration gave to Wal-Mart. However, I approach each of these as they are presented to us and base a decision on long-term benefit to the community.

If elected, which non-profit and/or charitable endeavors do you intend to reward with taxpayer monies and which non-profit and/or charitable endeavors do you intend to deny taxpayer funding: I abide by and will continue to abide by the policy the board has in place for such contributions.

If elected, is it more important to you to vote the will of the people (however that is determined) or to vote your conscience (except when the board is acting as a quasi-judicial body): I will approach each vote on individual merit and always vote with the long-term benefit to the community in mind.

Your favorite US president: Dwight D. Eisenhower because of the road system he created. 

Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts: Krispy Kreme, except for the Dunkin Donuts maple donut.

Your favorite 19th century French political economist: I am French and don’t know one.

How can readers find out more about your campaign? [no answer provided – and don’t bother searching for Commissioner Guignard’s social media accounts, your best bet is to reach him by phone.]