Huntersville Town Board Questionnaire – Mark Gibbons

I emailed the following questionnaire to every town board candidate in Huntersville a month ago in an effort to provide voters with more insight into each candidacy. [I received failed delivery messages from the email addresses listed for two candidates at the Mecklenburg BOE site – William Haigler and Jonathan Hudson.] There was no word limit for responses. Thanks to Commissioner Mark Gibbons for responding – even if slightly past the deadline.

Election day is Tuesday, November 7. If you need more information about local elections, you can visit the Mecklenburg Board of Elections website here.


A specific agenda item you want to work on if elected: As long as the issues we have already worked on (ETJ, Dispatch, roads, HFFA) continue to progress as I hope, I would like to focus on getting a fairer distribution of ABC money for Huntersville, and continue to look for ways to save money for the taxpayers. I continue to be active in trying to get a better solution to the HOT lanes on I77 which includes lobbying our elected reps at state and federal level to change the voting structure at CRTPO.

[For incumbents] Any vote over the last two years you would change and why – or, if none, any item you would have accomplished and why: I stand by all of my votes. With that said, I may have voted differently on a tax incentive plan having more knowledge of the subject. I try to educate myself on the issues we face and make the best decision based on what I feel is best for Huntersville overall. I think this board has been deliberate and sound in our decisions.  That is not to say everyone agrees with them.

What is the proper role of town government and do you think there is any limit to what town government can use taxpayer dollars for: Municipal government should provide safety services (police and fire), other public health services (trash pickup and ordnances that protect all), planning of development and infrastructure, local road maintenance and building new local roads as required, and some recreational amenities.

Should town government select winners and losers in business by providing tax incentives to certain companies over others: No. I did vote to give tax incentives and alluded to that above. As for picking or discriminating, it is never presented as giving company A something and giving company B nothing. What each company brings to the local area is considered (# of jobs and salary range, capital investment value, and their commitment to Huntersville). I lean towards minimal incentives, but cannot say I would never vote for an incentive package.

If elected, which non-profit and/or charitable endeavors do you intend to reward with taxpayer monies and which non-profit and/or charitable endeavors do you intend to deny taxpayer funding: I was one of the board members who pushed our new town policy on charitable contributions. [Note – you can review the policy in question at a prior post on this issue here.] I feel that giving taxpayer money to charities we (town board) choose is wrong.  Charity is not, by definition, government taking your money and giving it to someone else. I want to be very clear, there are many local charities that serve Huntersville residents and are deserving of charitable donations, just not from government.

If elected, is it more important to you to vote the will of the people (however that is determined) or to vote your conscience (except when the board is acting as a quasi-judicial body): This is a no win question. I say I am elected to represent the people of Huntersville (even those who do not vote for me), but I find that my conscience usually leads me to that vote. If it feels wrong to me, it is probably wrong for Huntersville.

Your favorite US president: Teddy Roosevelt

Krispy Kreme or Dunkin Donuts: Dunkin, but sure glad to have a new donut shop in town, Duck Donuts.

Your favorite 19th century French political economist: I was going to say Comte (tic), but since you are asking the question, Bastiat all the way.

How can readers find out more about your campaign?

– email: electmarkgibbons @